Solar Energy: Clean, Sustainable & Versatile

The mankind has always been in search of alternative renewable energy options, that are clean, sustainable, and are generated without using up earth’s natural resources. Solar energy is one of such completely natural options, where the technology-assisted possibility exists to harness the power of sun and convert it into clean energy for the use of billions of should populating our earth. Solar energy does not disrupt the environment or create a threat to Eco-systems the way oil and some other energy sources might. This form of versatile energy is also eliminates the possibility of greenhouse gases, air or water pollution. The very small amount of impact on environment is usually due to the chemicals and solvents that are used during the manufacture of the photovoltaic cells that are needed to convert the sun’s energy into electricity. As we progress and develop newer technologies, this fairly small impact will also be eradicated.

My Involvement

As a curious child, my favourite experiment was the burning experiment using the magnifying glass. Ever since, I have been trying to learnt more about the “Sun Rays”, and their usage as resource for light, heat and energy. My areas of interest include study of clean, alternate and sustainable energy. Renewable energy technologies are methods to provide clean sources of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies. The projects on alternate and renewable energy goals, practices and applications are the fuel for development of learning objectives in the energy sector. I have been privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of couple of projects on Solar Energy, for which I thank my professors, teachers & parents. I plan to undertake more of such project work in future to develop my learning curve.

IIT Delhi Project


International Solar Energy Society

The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) strives for 100% renewable energy for everyone used wisely and efficiently. Learn about our 61 year history and our work through strong sections and global partners.